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Tusculum Plantation

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Tusculum Plantation was owned by Samuel Thomas Alston (1806-1860) and his wife Ruina Temporance Williams (1814-1897) of Warren County, North Carolina. They were married on September 1, 1831, and a few years earlier, in 1825,the ruins of an ancient city had been discovered near Rome, Italy,situated on the edge of an ancient volcano. The city was called Tusculum, which at one time, had been a place favored by wealthy Romans and had been populated with many large villas. No doubt, Samuel had been influenced by the discovery when it came to naming his own plantation, as had several other landowners throughout the South.



Fork Township, Warren County, North Carolina.


Date Constructed/ Founded

circa 1830


Associated Surnames

Alston, Williams


Historical notes

Samuel Thomas Alston was the son of Samuel Alston (1770-1807) and Elizabeth Faulcon (1775-1848); Samuel Alston was the son of Philip Alston (1706-1784) and Winifred Whitmell (1729-1795); Philip Alston was the son of John Alston (ca 1670-1758) & Mary (ca 1700).


Ruina Temporance Williams was the daughter of Robert Webb Williams (1792-1822) and Hartwell Hodges Davis (1793-1868)the owners of Vine Hill Plantation; Robert Webb Williams was the son of William Williams (1760-1838) and Elizabeth Kinchen Kearney (1769-1863). William Williams was the son of Solomon Williams (d.July 28, 1794) and Temporance Boddie (.d. May 11, 1784); Solomon Williams was the son of Samuel Williams (ca 1698-1753) and Elizabeth Alston (ca 1711- aft 1792).


Associated Slave Workplaces

Cherry Hill Warren NC, Myrtle Lawn in Warren Co., and Vine Hill Plantation in Franklin Co.

Associated Free Persons

  • Samuel Thomas Alston
  • Ruina Temporance Williams, wife of Samuel T. Alston
  • Elizabeth Faulcon, mother of Samuel T. Alston
  • Samuel Thomas Alston Jr., son of Samuel T. Alston & Ruina T. Williams

Associated Enslaved Persons

1848 will of Elizabeth F. Alston,to her son Samuel T. Alston:

  • Albinas
  • Willcox
  • Medicus
  • Bob
  • Tempy


1848 Elizabeth F. Alston willed following to her grandchildren-

to Samuel T. Alston Jr.:

  • Cornelius
  • Wyatt
  • Malissa


to William F. Alston:

  • Robert
  • Jerry, and her child Sarah


to Caroline Matilda Alston:

  • Alfred


to Robert Williams Alston:

  • Sandy
  • Plummer


to Solomon Williams Alston:

  • Pompy


to John Davis Alston:

  • Charity


1784 will of Philip Alston, to his wife Winefred:

  • Tom
  • David
  • Old Penny
  • Lucey
  • Philis
  • Squire
  • Penny
  • Easter


Research Leads and Plantation Records

Miscellaneous Information


  • Will of Philip Alston, July 1784, Will Book 4,Pg. 35
  • Will of Elizabeth Alston, May 1848, Will Book 39,Pg. 455
  • Family Bible Records at Warren County USGenweb: Samuel Thomas Alston Bible; Solomon W. Williams Bible; Solomon Williams -Temporance Boddie Bible; Dr. R. Edgar Williams Bible.


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