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Rifle Point Plantation

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Rifle Point Plantation





Rifle Point Plantation is located in Concordia Parish near Spokane approximately eight miles north of Vidalia, Louisiana at 31.651 Degree North, 91.436 Degrees West. Property Survey, Samuel Gustine, Concordia Parish, Louisiana dated 29 June 1829.


Date Constructed/Founded

ca. 1820



Associated Surnames

Kempe, Girault, Sprague, Hunt, Gustine, Conner, Green, Duncan, Turner, Thompson, Hitchcock, Minor, Dunbar, Macrery, Wood, McMurran, Chotard, Sessions, Marshall, Martin, Bisland, Buckner


Historical Notes

James Kempe purchased land in Concordia Parish in the early 1820s.


Rifle Point Plantation was the home plantation of its owner Doctor Samuel Gustine who migrated to Mississippi Territory from Pennsylvania with his brother, Doctor James Parker Gustine.


A letter written by a descendant of Dr. Gustine gave information that Dr. Gustine may have owned the plantation in partnership with another brother, Dr. Lemuel Gustine. Dr. Samuel had sole ownership when he died in 1845. In his Will, he left one third of his estate which included Rifle Point Plantation and Lake Place Plantation to his sister Jane Elizabeth Boyd Gustine Conner, widow of William Carmichael Conner of Berkeley Plantation, Adams County, Mississippi; one third to his four nieces, Rebecca A. Minor wife of William J. Minor, Sarah E. Gustine, Matilda D. Gustine, and Margaret D. Gustine, daughters of his deceased brother James Gustine; and one third to Samuel Gustine, son of deceased brother Lemuel Gustine.


Rifle Point Plantation had 142 slaves at the time of Dr. Samuel Gustine’s death. One slave, whose name is unreadable in the will, was bequeathed to Caroline Hitchcock wife of Dr. Lemuel Gustine. Lake Place Plantation, as it was called, was Lake St. John Place Plantation and had 36 slaves. Jane Conner sold Lake St. John Place to her son Lemuel Parker Conner. The name was changed to Innisfail Plantation.


Fours sons of Jane Conner were involved in some part of the operation of Rifle Point. William Gustine Conner owned and lived at Grove Plantation, Concordia Parish, Louisiana until he moved to live and operate Rifle Point Plantation. The 1860 U. S. Federal Census – Slaves Schedules list W. G. Conner, Rifle Point Plantation, 271 Slaves. William died from wounds at the Battle of Gettysburg. Farrar Benjamin Conner is believed to have taken the slaves to Texas in 1862 to keep them out of the hands of Union troops. Farrar started a second Rifle Point Plantation near Waco, Texas. A family letter gives information that the slaves were taken to Texas by Henry LeGrand Conner and a trusted Conner slave from Natchez. Lemuel Parker Conner later operated the plantation. Records can be found under his name. He became bankrupt during reconstruction and became a manager of both Rifle Point and Killarney Plantations. He later formed a partnership with Antonio Yznaga DeValle.


Associated Slave Workplaces

Grove Plantation, Adams Co., MS; Marengo Plantation, Concordia Par., LA; Retreat Plantation, Adams Co., MS; Berkeley Plantation, Adams Co., MS; Clifford Plantation, Adams Co., MS; Lake Place Plantation (may have been Lake St. John Place), Concordia Par., LA; Killarney Plantation, Concordia Par., LA; Spokane Plantation, Concordia Par., LA; Innisfail Plantation (formerly Lake St. John's Place), Concordia Par., LA; Linden Grove Plantation, Concordia Par., LA; Rifle Point Plantation, McClennan Co. TX.


Associated Free Persons

  • James Kempe - owner
  • Margaret Graham Kempe - wife
  • Jane Kempe Girault - daughter of James Kempe
  • Francis Spain Girault - son-in-law of James Kempe
  • Frances Kempe Sprague - daughter of James Kempe
  • Sturgis Sprague - son-in-law of James Kempe
  • Thomas Hunt - part owner of plantation
  • Dr. Samuel I. Gustine - later owner
  • Dr. Lemuel Parker Gustine – brother
  • Caroline Hitchcock Gustine - sister-in-law
  • Samuel Gustine - nephew
  • Dr. James Parker Gustine - brother
  • Mary Ann Duncan Gustine - sister-in-law
  • Jane Elizabeth Boyd Gustine Conner – sister
  • William Gustine Conner – nephew
  • Eliza Green Wood - wife of William Gustine Conner
  • Farrar Benjamin Conner – nephew
  • Henry LeGrand Conner – nephew
  • Charles Henry Lillard - overseer


Associated Enslaved Persons

Most of the slaves were moved in 1862 to Rifle Point Plantation, McLennan County, Texas.  Some ran away.  The rest returned to Rifle Point Plantation, Concordia Parish, Louisiana in January 1866. 

  • Jacob Stewart
  • Ben Barland
  • Margaret Lightfoot
  • Joe Hogan
  • Mahala - daughter of Joe Hogan 
  • Josiah - son of Joe Hogan  
  • Judith - daughter of Joe Hogan 
  • John - son of Joe Hogan  
  • Hart Brown
  • Fannie Prater - wife of Hart Brown
  • Nathan Brown - son of Hart and Fannie 
  • Frances Brown - dau. of Hart and Fannie; wiife of Anthony Sautier 
  • Anthony Sautier 
  • Mary Sautier - dau. of Anthony and Fannie   
  • Caroline Sautier - mother of Anthony Sautier
  • Perry Stewart
  • Ben Stewart
  • Eliza Stewart
  • John Henderson
  • Amanda - became John Henderson's wife  
  • Elnora Moore
  • Peter
  • Jack
  • Cato
  • London
  • Hannibal
  • Levin
  • Moses
  • Eli
  • Enoch
  • Little Jack
  • Harry
  • Orilly
  • Sally Dick
  • Memory
  • Lucy
  • Eve
  • Betsy and her child Mary.
  • Thomas Marshall
  • Rose - wife of Thomas Marshall
  • Jack - son of Thomas & Rose Marshall
  • Matilda - daughter of Thomas & Rose Marshall
  • Lemuel - son of Thomas & Rose Marshall
  • Arthur - born on Rifle Point Plantation, Texas - son of Thomas & Rose Marshall


Research Leads and Plantation Records

  • State of Louisiana, Parish of Concordia; Succession of Dr. Samuel Gustine; Succession Record Book E, 1840-1846, pages 555-560.
  • Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers, 1818-1865, Records of Antebellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War, Series I: Selections from the Louisiana State University, Part 3, The Natchez Area, Stampp, Kenneth M., Editor, University Publications of America, Bethesda, Maryland, 1989.
  • Kempe's Heirs vs Hunt et al., State of Louisiana, Supreme Court, Western Division, October 1832 (477).


Miscellaneous Information

An action was instituted against Francis S. Girault, for the recovery of the price of the late James Kempe’s half of Rifle Point Plantation and nineteen slaves held in partnership with Francis Girault. The property was sold at the probate sale of James Kempe’s succession. Francis Girault purchased the property at the probate sale and sold it to the Bank of Mississippi on May 5, 1827. He had also mortgaged Marengo Plantation.


In September, 1827, the bank sold Rifle Point Plantation and the nineteen slaves to Thomas Hunt. In February, 1829, Jane Kempe protested against the mortgage on the Marengo Plantation and asked the court to seize the Rifle Point Plantation from Thomas Hunt so it could be sold to pay off the mortgage against the Marengo Plantation. The order was granted and Rifle Point Plantation was sold.


Dr. Samuel Gustine obtained a mortgage on April 29, 1831 from the Bank of Mississippi on Rifle Point Plantation and slaves Peter, Jack, Cato, London, Hannibal, Levin, Moses, Eli, Enoch, Little Jack, Harry, Orilly, Sally Dick, Memory, Lucy, Eve, Betsy and her child Mary.


Dr. Samuel Gustine bought 524 acres and 84/100ths of an acre for $24 an acre from Henry Turner on May 2, 1836. On July 15, 1836, he claimed 312 acres, Bullet Bayou, which was bought for $10.25 an acre by McFadden from Burleigh.


Burleigh is Robert Burleigh of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. McFadden is Robert McFadden of Concordia Parish, Louisiana who was assignee for Ayres Philip Merrill a large Louisiana/Mississippi slaveholder who owned some slaves in partnership with Benjamin Stewart of Scott County, Mississippi who migrated from Spotsylvania County, Virginia.


Dr. Samuel Gustine authorized the executors of his will or their survivors to emancipate and set free his slave Little Sam and shall they think proper to purchase and liberate the wife and children of Little Sam. There were three slaves named Sam of the 142 slaves listed on the property inventory for Rifle Point Plantation after Dr. Gustine's death. Sam Skinner, aged 24; Sam African, aged 55; and Sam Parker, aged 40. None of the 36 slaves listed on the property inventory for Lake Place Plantation were named Sam. Dr. Gustine also authorized his executors of their survivors to set free at their discretion any number not to exceed ten of slaves and upon their emancipation to provide for them out of his estate to such an amount and in such manner as they deem proper. (There is no indication that any of this was done.)


Charles Henry Lillard was an overseer on the Rifle Point Plantation working for Lemuel Parker Conner per a letter dated April 13, 1859  in which Lillard notifiied Conner of the Mississippi River flooding and the need to build up the levee.  The letter is part of the Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers.  Lillard, born in Virginia, lived and worked in Warren County, Mississippi as an overseer until sometime after 1852. 


Perry Stewart, great grandfather of Edward B Adams was born on Rifle Point Plantation in 1856. Perry's parents, Jacob Stewart and Margaret Lightfoot, great great grandparents of Edward B Adams, were among the slaves taken from Rifle Point Plantation to Texas in 1862. Jacob ran away, made it back to the Louisiana/Mississippi area, and joined the Union troops in Natchez. He served in Company H, 6th U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery from November 1863 to May 1866 when the unit was mustered out. Margaret came back from Texas to Rifle Point Plantation with most of the slaves in January 1866. Margaret later married Joe Hogan, another Rifle Point slave.



Will of Dr. Samuel Gustine



In the name of God Amen. I, Samuel Gustine of the city of Natchez and County of Adams State of Mississippi being sound and disposing mind and memory do make this last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me any time heretofore made.




First. I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint William C. Conner, Stephen Duncan, William J. Minor executors of this my last will and testament.



Second. it is my will that all my debts be paid out of my estate as speedily as possible.


Thirdly. I do hereby authorize and empower my said executors the survivors or survivor of them out of my estate to afford and furnish and ample and suitable maintenance and support annually to my sister Maria Gustine of Cumberland County Pennsylvania during her natural life.



Fourth. I give and bequeath to my half sister Sarah G. Snowdon of Franklin Pennsylvania one thousand dollars per annum during her natural life to be paid to her by my executors out of my estate semiannually in sums of five hundred dollars.


Fifth. I give and bequeath to James R. Snowdon son of said Sarah G. Snowdon the sum of five hundred dollars.


Sixth. I give and bequeath to Caroline Hitchcock of the County of Adams aforesaid a Negro slave named ?????? and now in her possession, and also the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars per annum to be paid her by my executors of my estate during her natural life but upon condition that if the said Caroline Hitchcock shall at any time meddle or interfere in any way with the guardianship education or control of Samuel Gustine natural son of Lemuel Gustine deceased who was my deceased brother during the minority of said Samuel that then the bequest in this sixth clause contained shall be wholly void.


Seventh. I do desire and hereby authorize my said executors or the survivors or survivor of them to emancipate and set free my slave Little Sam and if they the survivors or survivor of them shall think proper they are hereby authorized out of my estate to purchase and liberate the wife and children of said Sam.



Eighth. I do hereby authorize my said executors the survivors or survivor of them to set free at their discretion any number not to exceed ten of slaves and upon their emancipation to provide for them out of my estate to such an amount and in such manner as they may deem proper.


Eighth. I give grant devise and bequeath the one third of all the rest residue and remainder of my estate moveable and immovable situated in the state of Mississippi and wheresoever else situated to my sister Jane E. B. Conner, wife of William C. Conner for her sole use and behoof during the life time of the said William C. Conner provided she survives the said William and after the death of said William C. Conner provided survives hem to her and her heirs forever but if the said William C. Conner shall survive her then to her use behoof during her own life and after her death to the sole use and behoof of the said William C. Conner and his heirs forever.


Ninth. I give grant devise and bequeath one other third of all the above mentioned residue and remained of my estate to my four Nieces daughters of my deceased brother James Gustine and Mary Ann Gustine his wife, to wit Rebecca A. Minor wife of said William J. Minor, Sarah E. Gustine, Matilda D. Gustine, and Margaret D. Gustine equally to be divided among my said Nieces to them and their heirs forever.


Tenth. I give grant devise and bequeath to my said executors the remaining one third of all the above mentioned rest residue and remainder of my estate in trust out of the income thereof to maintain support and educate Samuel Gustine the natural son of my deceased brother Lemuel Gustine giving to him a most liberal education for which purpose I desire my executors or some of them may obtain the Guardianship of his person and upon his arrival at the age of twenty one to deliver unto his possession the one half or the property in this clause devised and bequeathed in which one half I desire may be included if found convenient by my executors the Rifle Point plantation in Concordia Louisiana to be held owned and enjoyed by him during his lifetime and after his death go to and belong to his lawful issue and their heirs forever provided he dies leaving at his death any lawful issue or descendants, but should he die without leaving any lawful issue or descendants at the time of his death then the one half in remainder to go to and belong the one half of the said half to my sister the said Jane E. B. Conner and William C. Conner or the survivor of them and their heirs forever and the other half of the said half to the said four daughters of the deceased brother, James Gustine to be divided equally , between them to have to hold the same to the said of them and their heirs forever. The other half of the property in this clause devised and bequeathed my said executors continue to hold and possess during the life time of the said Samuel paying over to him the annual income thereof provided he shall so conduct himself as in their opinion to render it prudent and proper to do so, and after his death shall be delivered by my executors into the possession and ownership of the lawful issue or lawful descendants of the said Samuel if without lawful issue or lawful descendants of the said Samuel if any such descendant or descendants shall be then living, but should the said Samuel die without lawful issue or lawful descendant or descendants then the said last mentioned one half shall go in remainder and belong to the one half thereof the my said sister Jane E. B. Conner and William C. Conner or the survivor of them and their heirs forever and the other half thereof to the said four daughters of my deceased brother James Gustine be divided equally between them to have and to hold the same to them and their heirs to their sole use and behoof forever.


Eleventh. In the execution of this my last will and testament and in carrying into effect the foregoing devised and bequests do hereby authorize and empower my said executors or a majority of them to keep all my property both real and personal and moveable and immoveable in possession and undivided until the said Samuel Gustine arrives at the age of twenty one or dies should he die before the age of twenty one.

And I do hereby authorize them to change the nature of any of the said property to sell and dispose of the same and purchase with the proceeds of such sales or with the funds of the estate other property real or personal as they from time to time may deem to be for the benefit and advantage of the said estate of the legatees and devises interested therein or they may said executors are authorized to make a division of the said estate at an earlier period at any time they may deem such division to be most advantageous and proper for the purposes contained in this will.


In testimony whereof, I the said Samuel Gustine have hereunto set my hand and seal to the above and foregoing six pages of this my last will and testament on this Twenty Fifth day of July, Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Six.


Samuel I. Gustine





Succession Record Book E, 1840-1846, pages 555-560,

Concordia Parish, Louisiana,

Succession of Dr. Samuel Gustine



State of Louisiana, Parish of Concordia


Be it remembered that on the fourth day of August A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Forty-Five, I, George C. McWharten Parish Judge and ex-officio Notary Public in and for the Parish of Concordia having been informed of the death of Dr. Samuel Gustine of this Parish proceeded ex-officio to his late residence in said Parish about eight or nine miles above the town of Vidalia known as called his Rifle Point Plantation to take an Inventory and cause an appraisement to be made of and singular the property belonging to the succession of the said Samuel Gustine deceased both moveable and immovable as well as the rights and credits and having appointed William Ferguson and Edward Cochran appraisers to assist me in making said Inventory and appraisement and they having taken, subscribed the oath in such cases by law required. The following is a true and faithful Inventory and appraisement of all and singular the said property as far as was shown to us or otherwise came to knowledge.


List of Negroes - Rifle Point Plantation

1. David Rentuck, aged 35, appraised at $550.00

2. Ben Hudson, aged 30, appraised at $650.00

3. Jack Chinnett, aged 22, appraised at $650.00

4. Nathan, aged 35, yellow, appraised at $900.00

5. Henry Bird, aged 23, appraised at $650.00

6. Sam Skinner, aged 24, appraised at $650.00

7. Calib, aged 21, appraised at $600.00

8. Isaac Taylor, aged 21, appraised at $650.00

9. George Smith, aged 30, appraised at $650.00

10. Tylose, aged 22, appraised at $700.00

11. Warren, aged 26, appraised at $700.00

12. Willis, aged 25, appraised at $800.00

13. Hank, aged 24, appraised at $600.00

14. Jack Cinber, aged 19, appraised at $650.00

15. Harry, aged 17, appraised at $600.00

16. Dick Big, aged 19, appraised at $650.00

17. Isaac Brient, aged 28, appraised at $700.00

18. Billy Jackson, aged 17, appraised at $600.00

19. Jo Hogan, age 22, appraised at $605.00

20. Abran Hilton, aged 26, appraised at $800.00

21. Abe Robinson, aged 24, appraised at $600.00

22. Bob Long, aged 20, appraised at $700.00

23. Cyrus, aged 18, appraised at $700.00

24. John Louis, aged 23, appraised at $700.00

25. Henry Bousier, aged 23, appraised at $650.00

26. David Geary, aged 24, appraised at $700.00

27. Pollard, aged 28, appraised at $600.00

28. Bob Brown, aged 22, appraised at $650.00

29. Albert Porter, aged 26, appraised at $550.00

30. Wesley, aged 18, appraised at $600.00

31. Daniel Big, aged 18, appraised at $600.00

32. John White, aged 19, appraised at $$600.00

33. Jim Moore, aged 17, appraised at $550.00

34. Oscar, aged 26, appraised at $600.00

35. Isaac Gibs, aged 30, appraised at

36. Joe Bingo, aged 45, appraised at $300.00

37. Dolphin, aged 50, appraised at $100.00

38. Bristo, aged 50, appraised at $200.00

39. Sam African, aged 55, appraised at $350.00

40. Ben White, aged 55, appraised at $350.00

41. Squire, aged 50, appraised $200.00

42. Frank old, aged 50, appraised at $100.00

43. Jack Brown, aged 80, appraised at $100.00

44. Sam Parker, aged 40, appraised at $600.00

45. Bristo Burnet, aged 28, appraised at $500.00

46. Frank Young, aged 22, appraised at $800.00

47. Frankey, aged 28, appraised $450.00

48. Wilson, aged 8, appraised at $200.00

49. Catharine, aged 6, appraised at $175.00

50. Madison, aged 4, appraised at $125.00

51. Jacob, aged 2, appraised at $125.00

52. Polly, aged 1, appraised at $100.00

53. Jimmy, aged 23, appraised at $600.00

54. Ann, aged 3, appraised at $300.00

55. Malvina, aged 1, appraised at $100.00

56. Elizabeth, aged 26, appraised at $600.00

57. Ann Strange, aged 27, appraised at $600.00

58. Flora, aged 23, appraised at $600.00

59. Harriet, aged 27, appraised at $600.00

60. Milly Bird, aged 24, appraised at $450.00

61. Sarah Ann Skinner, aged 23, appraised at $600.00

62. Sarah, aged 19, appraised at $600.00

63. Sarah Ann, aged 19, appraised at $600.00

64. Milly Barland, aged 38, appraised at $250.50

65. Estner, aged 21, appraised at $600.00

66. Betsey Boles, aged 26, appraised at $400.00

67. Mary McDowell, aged 28, appraised at $400.00

68. Ann Boss, aged 19, appraised at $650.00

69. Eve, aged 35, appraised at $350.00

70. Harriet Little, aged 17, appraised at $550.00

71. Polly Ward, aged 32, appraised at $400.00

72. Ann Bigs, aged 34, appraised at $450.00

73. Caroline Porter, aged 26, appraised at 400.00

74. Hannah, African, aged 38, appraised at $350.00

75. Christian, aged 17, appraised at $500.00

76. Moss, aged 35, appraised at $300.00

77. Brunetta, aged 17, appraised at $650.00

78. Sally Grigs, aged 20, appraised at $530.00

79. Caroline Blisford, aged 26, appraised at $550.00

80. Nancy Gibs, aged 30, appraised at $550.00

81. Venus, aged 40, appraised at $400.00

82. Hannah Swing, aged 21, appraised at $600.00

83. Harry, aged 32, appraised at $600.00

84. Rilly, aged 17, appraised at $625.00

85. Crilin, aged 55, appraised at $50.00

86. Sally, aged 50, appraised at $200.00

87. Polly, aged 50, appraised at

88. Milly Robinson, aged 60, appraised at $250.00

89. Sally Dick, aged 75, appraised at 100.00

90. Lowrey, aged 15, appraised at $500.00

91. Burrows, aged 14, appraised at $$500.00

92. Peter, aged 14, appraised at $450.00

93. Washington, aged 13, appraised at $300.00

94. William, aged 13, appraised at $500.00

95. Ben Barland, aged 13, appraised at $300.00

96. Dick Little, aged 12, appraised at $300.00

97. David Fillard, aged 9, appraised at $200.00

98. Susan, aged 6, appraised at $150.00

99. Jack, age 4, appraised at $100.00

100.Alexandria, aged 8, appraised at $200.00

101.Harry, aged 6, appraised at $175.00

102.John Richmond, aged 3, appraised at $125.00

103.Patsey, aged 9, appraised at $200.00

104.Tennessee, aged 4, appraised at $200.00

105.Edward, aged 6, appraised at $200.00

106.Alonzo, aged 6, appraised at $150.00

107.Louisa, age 10, appraised at $450.00

108.John, aged 8, appraised at $250.00

109.Edward, aged 8, appraised at $200.00

110.Lenny, aged 5, appraised at $200.00

111.Isabella, aged 3, appraised at $125.00

112.Delpy, aged 8, appraised at $275.00

113.Nathan, aged 6, appraised at $275.00

114.Francis, aged 3, appraised at $175.00

115.Amanda, aged 3, appraised at $50.00

116.Francis, aged 11, appraised at $400.00

117.Cynthia Ann, aged 8, appraised at $250.00

118.Bob, aged 3, appraised at $200.00

119.Nancy, aged 10, appraised at $300.00

120.Hannah, aged 8, appraised at $250.00

121.Milton, aged 3, appraised at $125.00

122.Sampson, aged 8, appraised at $250.00

123.Rowlen, aged 4, appraised at $200.00

124.William, aged 4, appraised at $200.00

125.Winny, aged 7, appraised at $250.00

126.Anthony, aged 4, appraised at $150.00

127.Sam, aged 2, appraised at $125.00

128.Dennis, aged 11, appraised at $150.00

129.Ciliann, aged 4, appraised at $175.00

130.Oscar Little, aged 7, appraised at $250.00

131.Nelson, aged 8, appraised at $250.00

132.Eliza, aged 5, appraised at $175.00

133.Clorasum, aged 10, appraised at $200.00

134.Jim, aged 8, appraised at $200.00

135.Rachel Ann, aged 1, appraised at $100.00

136.Ann Maria, aged 1, appraised at $100.00

137.Andrew, aged 1, appraised at $125.00

138.Judy, aged 30, appraised at $450.00

139.Malinda, aged 2, appraised at $150.00

140.Malinda, aged 2, appraised at $100.00

141.Rachel, aged 28, appraised at $650.00

142.Isaac Lsibo, aged 40, appraised at $650.00



Negroes on the Lake Place


143.Simon, aged 65, appraised at $400.00

144.Maria, aged 38, appraised at 500.00

145.Zena, aged 10, appraised at $250.00

146.Elizabeth, aged 6, appraised at $200.00

147.Letty, aged 4, appraised at $200.00

148.Peter, aged 44, appraised at $400.00

149.Lucinda, aged 15, appraised at $450.00

150.Ben, aged 18, appraised at $500.00

151.Betsy, age 15, appraised at $350.00

152.Dan, aged 13, appraised at $475.00

153.Henry, aged 11, appraised at $450.00

154.Martha, aged 6, appraised at $250.00

155.William, aged 4, appraised at $150.00

156.Jess, a carpenter, aged 35, appraised at $800.00

157.Matilda, aged 25, appraised at $550.00

158.Clarisa, aged 8, appraised at $275.00

159.Eailsy, aged 1, appraised at $125.00

160.Joe Iseigo, aged 34, appraised at $650.00

161.Mary, aged 24, appraised at $500.00

162.Collins, aged 7, appraised at $275.00

163.Stroder, aged 5, appraised at $200.00

164.Henry, aged 3, appraised at $150.00

165.Abram, aged 28, appraised at $700.00

166.Harriet, aged 35, appraised at $525.00

167.Sarah, aged 25, appraised at $575.00

168.Bill, aged 22, appraised at $500.00

169.Jim, aged 18, appraised at $425.00

170.Roy, aged 22, appraised at $650.00

171.Silvey, aged 45, appraised at $300.00

172.Lewis, aged 15, appraised at $500.00

173.Jeremiah, aged 12, appraised at $450.00

174.Cornelius, aged 25, appraised at $650.00

175.Collins, aged 40, appraised at $550.00

176.Matilda, aged 45, appraised at $300.00

177.Alex Jackson, aged 38, appraised at $600.00

178.Henry Douglas, aged 33, appraised at $550.00




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