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Richmond Plantation

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Adams Co., MS. Specifically, this estate (big house/mansion and gardens) was just south of the town of Natchez. Richmond is shown just below Natchez on the map at:


Date Constructed/ Founded

The first building was built on Richmond in 1784.

Associated Surnames


Historical Notes

Levin R. Marshall was from Virginia. He was a successful banker in Natchez, MS. He invested in a hotel, a steamboat, and cotton plantations.* Richmond was probably more of an estate (big house/mansion and gardens) than a plantation. Several of the parcels of land shown on the above map close to Natchez were primarily estates for area planters who each had several plantations out in the MS Delta (the low fertile land along the MS River).


Photos of the big house/mansion on the Richmond Estate


Marshall owned five plantations on 14,400 acres located in Adams Co., Mississippi and in Louisiana. He owned 817 slaves in 1860 (32 worked at his Richmond estate).**


Mr. Marshall was a millionaire - among the top ten wealthiest individuals in the Natchez District and one of the only 35 millionaires in the entire country at that time. In addition to his estate Richmond Plantation he also had a summer home in New York.

Associated Slave Workplaces

  • Poplar Grove with probably 116 slaves (148 minus the 32 slaves at Richmond Plantation); Adams County, MS; owned by L.R. Marshall
  • A plantation in Claiborne Co. (name still undetermined) with 96 slaves; owned by L.R. Marshall***
  • Hermitage Plantation with 87 slaves; Concordia Parish, LA; owned by L.R. Marshall
  • Good Hope Plantation with 161 slaves; Concordia Parish, LA; owned by L.R. Marshall

Associated Free Persons

  • Levin R. Marshall - bought Richmond in 1832*
  • George Matthews Marshall (Lansdowne Plantation) - oldest son of Levin R. Marshall

Associated Enslaved Persons

  • 32 slaves worked on the Richmond estate.**

Research Leads and Plantation Records

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Miscellaneous Information

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