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Richland Plantation - Issaquena

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Issaquena Co., MS


Date Constructed/ Founded

not determined


Associated Surnames



Historical notes



Associated Slave Workplaces



Associated Free Persons


  • Samuel N. Sullivan (b.?-d.1841) - owner
  • Nancy Y. Sullivan Dodds - wife of Samuel N. Sullivan; second husband was William Dodds
  • Goldsmith Sullivan - son of Samuel N. and Nancy Y. Sullivan
  • Susan Ann Sullivan - daughter of Samuel N. and Nancy Y. Sullivan


Associated Enslaved Persons


  • none recorded yet


Research Leads and Plantation Records


  • none reported yet


Miscellaneous Information


  • none




  • Branton, K. and Wade, A. Early Mississippi Records: Issaquena Co. & Washington Co., 1827-1900, Vol. II. Pioneer Publishing Co. 2001.


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