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Killarney Plantation

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Killarney Plantation




Killarney Plantation is located on Lake St. John north of the Red River near Trinity northeast of Helena Plantation (now Ferriday) in Concordia Parish, Louisiana.


Date Constructed/Founded

ca. 1830


Associated Surnames

Conner, Gustine, Thompson, McMurran


Historical Notes

Farrar Benjamin Conner was born in 1834 on the Clifford Plantation, Adams County, Mississippi. Clifford Plantation was then the home of his parents, William Carmichael Conner Jr. and Jane Elizabeth Boyd Gustine Conner. Farrar married Mary Louise McMurran, daughter of John Thompson McMurran and Mary Louisa Turner of Woodlands Plantation, Adams County, Mississippi. Killarney Plantation was the property of the McMurran’s.


Associated Slave Workplaces

Lake Place Plantation (may have been Lake St. John Place), Concordia Parish, Louisiana. .

Killarney Plantation, Concordia Parish, Louisiana. .

Spokane Plantation, Concordia Parish, Louisiana.

Innisfail (formerly Lake St. John's Place) Plantation.

Linden Grove Plantation, Concordia Parish, Louisiana.

Rifle Point Plantation, McLennan County, Texas.


Associated Free Persons

·Farrar Benjamin Conner - owner

·Mary Louise McMurran – wife

·William Carmichael Conner – father

·Jane Elizabeth Boyd Gustine Conner – mother

·John Thompson McMurran – father-in-law

·Mary Louisa Turner McMurran – mother-in-law

·Lemuel Parker Conner – brother

·William Gustine Conner – brother

·Henry LeGrand Conner – brother


Associated Enslaved Persons



Research Leads and Plantation Records

Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers, 1818-1865, Records of Antebellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War, Series I, Part 3, The Natchez Area, Stampp, Kenneth M., Editor, University Publications of America, Bethesda, Maryland, 1989.


Miscellaneous Information

Farrar Benjamin Conner was wounded at the Battle of Shelbyville during the Civil War and was in the Federal Military Prison at Johnson's Island for thirteen months.


Farrar took slaves from Killarney Plantation in 1862 to an area on the Brazos River in McLennan County, Texas. It is believed that the slaves were taken to Texas to keep them out of the hands of Union troops who had moved into the Natchez area. Farrar started a second Rifle Point Plantation near Waco in McLennan County, Texas. A family letter gives information that Henry LeGrand Conner, Farrar’s brother, and a trusted Conner slave from Natchez took the Conner slaves from the Rifle Point Plantation, Concordia Parish, Louisiana to Texas.


Correspondence and business and legal papers of John Thompson McMurran and Mary Louisa Turner McMurran concerning administration of Woodlands and Killarney plantations, and the estate of McMurran are related collections to the Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers.



Goodspeed Publishing, Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Embracing an Authentic and Comprehensive Account of the Chief Events in the History of the State and a Record of the Lives of Many of the Most Worthy and Illustrious Families and Individuals. Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891.


Survey Plat, Bureau of Land Management, General Office Records


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