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Karmella Haynes

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Karmella Haynes



About Me

I'm the chief editor/ Owner of Sankofagen Wiki.




Pages I've created

Too many to list here :)


Plantations/ Workplaces I'm Researching

  • Jesse C Knight Plantation - my ancestors Thomas and Cora Knight lived in Sparta in 1870 and 1880 next to a household with freedpersons Hilliard and Adaline (son William H.). The names Tom, Hilliard and Adaline appear in the slave inventories of Jessie C. Knight (who had a son named William H. as well).
  • James Rogan Plantation - I believe that James Rogan was the slave holder of my ancestor Sylvanus "Van" Rogan (wife, Ivey/ Ivory Boyd). Van Rogan was born in Alabama, where James Rogan first started planting. In 1870, Van Rogan is in Ripley, MS, where James Rogan later established his final home/ farm. I have not yet found any records that mention my ancestor Van Rogan by name.
  • Edmond Greer Plantation & Eskridge Plantation - I am researching possible connections to these two Duck Hiil, MS plantations.


Photo Gallery

Mary Jones Monix (1868-1937)

A drawing that was kept by Carrie Crowder Monix (1909-1996). Mary Monix is the mother of Carrie's husband Golden Monix.

Pauline Bennett Jones (1883-1951)

My great-great grandmother, born in Eskridge, MS. Her death certificate names Caroline Jordan and Henry Jordan as parents.

Lucinda Drake Sykes (1890-1973)

Born in Duck Hill, MS. Half-sister of Pauline Bennet. Her Social Security Application lists Caroline Bennett and Lewis Drake as her parents.


Contact Info.

  • kh (underscore) art (at yahoo dot com) - I've spelled out my e-mail address to prevent spam-bots from detecting and using it.

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