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Good Hope Plantation

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Good Hope Plantation





Good Hope Plantation, located in Concordia Parish, Louisiana.



Date Constructed/Founded




Associated Surnames

Marshall, Chotard, Hunt, Elliott, Dunbar



Historical Notes

Levin Rothrock Marshall, Sr., was born in Maryland to Henry Marshall of Maryland and Eva Rothrock of Pennsylvania. His sister, Sarah Weller Marshall married Edward Feltus of the Feltus-Ventress family in the Natchez, Mississippi area. A man of considerable wealth, Levin Marshall owned a summer mansion in Pelham, New York and two mansions in Natchez, Mississippi. The bankers house was his work place and the other, Richmond, he added to. Lansdowne another mansion was a part gift to his son, George Matthews Marshall and his daughter-in-law, Charlotte Hunt. Levin also financed the Texas Rebellion and was a friend of Sam Houston. A town, Marshall, in Texas is named after him. He owned hundreds of thousands of acres around the south of New Orleans, Natchez and Texas and struck various oil land deals. His descendants still benefit from these today.



Associated Slave Workplaces

Hermitage Plantation, Concordia Parish, LA

Richmond Plantation, Adams County, MS

Lansdowne Plantation, Adams County, MS

Arcola Plantation, Tensas Parish, LA



Associated Free Persons

· Levin Rothrock Marshall Sr. – owner

· Maria Chotard – first wife

· George Matthews Marshall Sr. – son of Levin Sr. and Maria

· Charlotte Hunt – daughter-in-law/wife of George

· Sarah St. John Elliott – second wife

· Levin Rothrock Marshall Jr. – son of Levin Sr. and Sarah

· Charlotte Dunbar – daughter-in-law/wife of Levin Jr.

· Stephen Duncan Marshall – son of Levin Sr. and Sarah



Associated Enslaved Persons



Research Leads and Plantation Records

John Ker and Family Papers( #3539), included in the Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers, Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley

Collections, Louisiana State University Libraries.



Miscellaneous Information

Listed under L. R. Marshall, Good Hope Plantation, with 161 slaves in the U. S. Federal Census, Slaves Schedules.




John Ker and Family Papers, Medical doctor of Good Hope Plantation of Concordia Parish, Louisiana, and the father of Mary Susan and William H. Ker. Papers include letters from Stephen Duncan, Sr., of Natchez, Mississippi, and Philadelphia, to Dr. John Ker; and Civil War letters from William H. Ker, a Confederate soldier. Collection also includes a diary (1850-1851) of Mary Susan Ker with details on Good Hope Plantation.


1860 U. S. Federal census – Slave Schedules, Concordia Louisiana



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