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Georgiana Plantation

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Issaquena Co., MS (Now the land is in Sharkey Co.). This plantation was on Deer Creek next to Watson's Plantation. "Hunt's Plantation" on the map at the following link is Gerogiana Plantation. http://www.rootsweb.com/~msissaq2/plantations.html


The historic plantation land is now probably on the Issaquena/Sharkey Co Line. Sharkey Co. was formed partly from former Issaquena Co. land in the late 1800s. The plantation land is shown on-line on the MS Dept of Transportation website on their county highway maps at the following link. Georgeanna Road is shown in along the left/west side of the map near the bottom. http://www.gomdot.com . The land coordinates for this plantation are: in Sharkey County T11N-R7W, section 19 and in Issaquena County T11N-R8W, unknown sections. The plantation could easily have been 4,000 acres.

Date Constructed/ Founded

1848 at the latest

Associated Surnames


Historical notes

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  • General Information
    •   This plantation was probably given by David Hunt to his son Geroge Ferguson Hunt when he married Anna Watson. Anna was the daughter of James Watson who owned Buena Vista Plantation - Claiborne MS. The name Gerogiana is just Geroge and Anna put together. Watson's Plantation, which was next to Gerogiana on Deer Creek probably belonged to Anna Watson's family.
    • Geroge and Anna lived in Jefferson Co. on Huntley Plantation
    •  According to '"Vignettes" of the Civil War' by Francis McRae Ward (in Chapter Four), after the fall of Vicksburg during the War a group of newly freed slaves armed by the Federals went along Deer Creek killing any white citizens they came across. They killed the former overseer of Georgiana, Mr Johnson. According to the 1860 census, Mr Johnson had been George Hunt's overseer on this plantation. Because of this, the Hunts could not get another white man to live on the plantation after the War to manage it for them.
    • Geroge Hunt died September 3, 1863. Since Vicksburg surrendered on July 4, 1863, it is a possibility that George died in the same episode as his former overseer Mr. Johnson.



Associated Slave Workplaces

Huntley Plantation, David Hunt's Woodlawn Plantation MS


Associated Free Persons

  • David Hunt
  • Geroge F. Hunt and his wife Anna Watson

Associated Enslaved Persons

  • According to the 1860 census, George Hunt had 13 slaves in 9 houses managed by Jno Densmore and 147 slaves in 26 houses managed by G.W. Johnson. The 13 slaves in 9 houses were probably on a 400 acre tract of land right on the MS River in Issaquena County a few miles directly west of Georgiana Plantation that was also owned by George F. Hunt.  This tract of land had an identical manager's house on it to the one on Georgiana.  This house was destroyed by a tornado in about 1970.  The 147 slaves in 26 houses were probably on Georgiana.  Between Georgiana and the 400 acre farm on the MS River was swamp and forest land.  One author thought that David Hunt (and thus, later his son George) owned a strip of land that connected Georgiana with the 400 acre tract on the MS River.

Research Leads and Plantation Records

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Miscellaneous Information

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*Plantations of David Hunt, by Andy McMillon. http://www.rootsweb.com/~msjeffe2/davidhunt.htm

*The Hunt Family of Jefferson County, by Andy McMillion. http://www.rootsweb.com/~msjeffe2/hunt_family.htm

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