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Page history last edited by Karmella Haynes 15 years, 3 months ago

SANKOFA is an Akan word meaning "go back and take." Good and useful things can be taken from the past to drive positive progress in the present through the benevolent use of knowledge.


Sankofa-gen Wiki is a growing collection of freely accessible genealogical and historical data pertaining to U.S.A. antebellum plantations, farms, factories, manors, etc. that used African slave labor. This site is a wiki which means that you, the slave genealogy researcher, can add and update information instantly. This website aims to summarize plantation-related data in a way that allows the genealogist to better visualize the lives of our enslaved ancestors within a historical context...

  • Was the slave buyer a relative of the seller?
  • Did the buyer relocate?
  • Were plantations connected by slave holder marriages?
  • Was my ancestor sent away to another plantation because the planter's family owned plantations in other states?


EDITING CONTENT: Editing content is as simple as posting on a message board. Start today by sending me an e-mail expressing your interest in contributing: kh(underscore)art (at yahoo dot com) with "Sankofagen Wiki Contributor" in the subject line.


BROWSING THE PAGES/ DATA: Sankofagen Wiki is organized by state. Use the "Navigate States" list in the Sidebar to start browsing.


HOW TO USE THE INFORMATION AT SANKOFAGEN WIKI: This website is a research aid, not a substitute for original sources. If you are writing a book or doing a school assignment, reference original documents (Wills, bills of sale, census records, deeds, etc.). Do not cite www.sankofagenwiki.com. If you wish to give credit to the site, feel free to give thanks to the Sankofagen Wiki project in your "Acknowledgements" section.


This project is a labor of love. I wish to assist those who, like myself, face the "brick wall" of slavery as we try to trace our lineage. I hope you find this site helpful. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Happy researching!


---Chief Editor, Karmella Haynes



Enslaved African Ancestor Genealogy Links


Sankofagen Wiki has had  visitors since March 2009.

Comments (7)

Karmella Haynes said

at 10:03 pm on Mar 14, 2012

Hello all. I've been away from the site for a while. I apologize for the lag in answering access requests. If you sent a request and still do not ave access, please resubmit your request. I hope to get ack to editing the site soon.

Karmella Haynes said

at 12:58 am on Feb 24, 2009

UPDATE: Phew! I have a lot more work to do than I anticipated. I'm reviewing pages, correcting lost formatting (over 500 plantation pages and counting), and still moving data from the old website to the wiki.

You may find that when you click a link, it takes you to a page that asks for a password. This means that the page has not been created yet. When this happens, please send me an e-mail and I will dig through my old data to see what I have for you.

I'm updating pages and links from the top of the state/ county lists downward, so in order to expedite getting your page of interest updated, please let me know which page/ plantation you are interested in.

Karmella Haynes said

at 12:30 pm on Feb 21, 2009

Dear readers. I have been receiving a lot of access requests. Thank you so much for your interest in the Wiki. Please note that you only need password access if you want to add data/ pages to the Wiki or change the information on the pages. Anyone can read the pages and leave comments on pages; a password is not required for that.

If you click a link that asks for a password, that means that the page has not been created yet.

Karmella Haynes said

at 12:22 pm on Feb 1, 2009

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sankofagen Wiki has been upgraded to a new format. Logging in and editing pages will now work a bit differently. I will update instructions soon. If you have any questions or have any trouble logging in, please send an e-mail to kh(underscore)art (at yahoo dot com).

Anonymous said

at 12:24 pm on May 20, 2007

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please do not edit the home/ front page. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions about the front page, contact me.

Anonymous said

at 5:39 pm on Apr 30, 2007

ANNOUNCEMENT: I've added instructions on adding images to the Wiki and using them on your pages. Alternately, if you have images uploaded on a personal site, you can link to them using standard html code. Please do not use copyrighted material without permission from the author(s)/source. If you cannot get immediate permission link to the source and/or provide a full citation.

Anonymous said

at 3:59 pm on Mar 4, 2007

Please add general comments about the site here.

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