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Ferry Farm

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Fairfax Co., VA


Date Constructed/ Founded

not determined


Associated Surnames

Custis, Washington


Historical notes

Ferry Farm was the principal home of Washington's formative years. The Washington family moved to Ferry Farm in 1738, when George was six years old. He lived there until he reached young manhood and moved to Mount Vernon (The Mansion House Farm), which he inherited from his brother Lawrence. Read more at the Mansion House Farm page.


Associated Slave Workplaces

Dogue Run Farm (Fairfax Co., VA); Mansion House Farm (Fairfax Co., VA); Muddy Hole Farm (Fairfax Co., VA); River Farm (Farifax Co., VA); Union Farm (Fairfax Co., VA)


Associated Free Persons


  • George Eskridge Washington (b.1732-d.1799) - plantation owner; first President of the United States
  • Martha Dandridge Custis Washington - wife of George E. Washington
  • John "Jack" Parke Custis (b.1755-d.1781) - son of Daniel Parke and Martha D. Custis Washington
  • Martha Parke "Patsy" Custis (b.1757-d.1773) - daughter of Daniel Parke and Martha D. Custis Washington


Associated Enslaved Persons


1786 Slaves at Ferry Farm

From George Washington's Diaries, 18 February 1786; http://gwpapers.virginia.edu/diaries/list/ferry.html

  • Betty - laboring woman, 6 children
  • Godfrey - child of Betty; age 12
  • Beck child of Betty; age 11
  • Hanson - child of Betty; age 7
  • Lucretia - child of Betty; age 6
  • John - child of Betty; age 3
  • Bill Langston - child of Betty; age 6 months


  • Caesar - laboring man
  • Cupid - laboring man
  • Daphne - laboring woman


  • Doll - laboring woman, 4 children
  • Pat - child of Doll; age 11
  • Milly - child of Doll; age 4
  • Daniel - child of Doll; age 3
  • Silvia child of Doll; age 1


  • Edy - laboring woman
  • Fanny - laboring woman


  • Flora - laboring woman, 2 children
  • Joy - age 8
  • Jacob - age 5


  • Jenny - laboring woman
  • London - laboring man


  • Lucy - laboring woman, 3 children
  • Edmund - child of Lucy; age 6
  • Mike - child of Lucy; age 3
  • Phill - child of Lucy; age 8 months


  • Lucy - laboring woman
  • Paul - laboring man
  • Rachel - laboring woman
  • Sam Kit - laboring man



Research Leads and Plantation Records


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Miscellaneous Information


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Users Researching This Workplace


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