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Fairview Plantation

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The land was approximately at T12N-R3E section 31. The county highway maps at the MS Dept. of Transportation website show these land coordinates.


Claiborne Co., MS. This plantation was on the south side of the Bayou Pierre near the Grind Stone Ford Site. Click on "Hybrid" at the following link to see the fields and forests at the historic location today. http://www.clocations.com/cviewmap.aspx?list=caty&state=MS&caty=Locale&lid=910911


The following link shows the historic Grind Stone Ford location.

http://www.clocations.com/cviewmap.aspx?list=caty&state=MS&caty=Locale&lid=913592 The modern Natchez Trace Parkway probably has a rest area near the land that this plantation was on with an exhibit telling about the Grind Stone Ford.

Date Constructed/ Founded

  • Abner Green was the owner on the approximately 600 acres of land in the original survey of around 1800.

Associated Surnames

  • Green, possibly Hunt

Historical notes

Abijah Hunt owned and operated a dry goods store on the banks of the Bayou Pierre at the Grind Stone Ford adjoining Fairview Plantation on it's eastern border. The Grind Stone Ford was a place where the Old Natchez Trace crossed the Bayou Pierre. In the early 1800s the area north of the Grind Stone Ford was Native American Land which stretched almost all the way to Nashville, TN along the Old Natchez Trace. The U.S. Government had formed an agreement with the Native Americans to allow settlers to travel through their land unharmed along the Old Trace.


This plantation may have been purchased by David Hunt for the following reasons:

  1. One biographer listed a Fariview Plantation as belonging to David Hunt
  2. This is the closest plantation named Fairview located so far that is near David Hunt's other plantations
  3. David's Uncle and main benefactor, Abijah Hunt, owned land adjacent to this plantation
  4. This historic Fairview Plantation was located on the Bayou Pierre, and David Hunt is known to have purchased a plantation on the Bayou Pierre in around 1820 with the money he made from closing his Uncle's stores (that he had partilly inherited and partially purchased) and selling off some of the assets.


If David Hunt did buy this plantation in around 1820, when combined with the adjoining land that he inherited or bought from his Uncle's estate, the size of Fairview would have increased to around 1,000 acres.


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