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Equen Plantation

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Tallahatchie County (now the land is in Leflore County), near Minter City, 3 miles north of the intersection of highway 8 and 49E


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Historical notes


Prior to 1920, the 11,000 acres that later made up Equen Plantation surely belonged to other plantations. I just added it to this website so that as other plantations in Tallehatchie County are researched that were on the same land, they might be able to add this bit to their histories. Hundreds of black people worked on Equin Plantation from the 1920's to the 1940's and maybe beyond as share croppers.


In 1860 the land went from Tallahatchie County to Sunflower County

In 1871 the land went from Sunflower County to Leflore County


Jonte Stanard Equen purchased the property in the 1920's, moved a house (possibly already on the property) to it's current location and enlarged it. Stanard Equin's father married into the Sykes family of Columbus, MS, and the family had a home there as well. He eventually had 11,000 acres. By the late 1940s there were 120 share cropper cabins.


The plantation had ten acre patches of cotton separated by "lanes." Riding around in the "lanes" on horseback, it was easy to get lost when the cotton was high due to the huge size of this plantation.


It's currently a bed and breakfast (as of May 2008).


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