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Cowden Plantation

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Prior to the creation of Aiken County, South Carolina in 1871, Cowden Plantation was located south of Silverton, Barnwell County, South Carolina along the Savannah River. The present day location of Cowden is south of Jackson, Aiken County, South Carolina.


Date Constructed/ Founded


James Henry Hammond (1807-1864) acquired and put together the 2,800 acre property that ultimately formed Cowden Plantation from 1848 to 1853 


Associated Surnames

Hammond; Brown; Jarrett


Historical notes

See Silver Bluff Plantation


Associated Slave Workplaces

Cathwood Plantation (Barnwell Co., SC), Redcliffe Plantation (Edgefield Co., SC), Silver Bluff Plantation (Barnwell Co., SC)


Associated Free Persons



  • Catherine Fitzsimons Hammond (1814-1896) - wife of James H. Hammond


Associated Enslaved Persons


For extensive research regarding the individuals and families who were enslaved by James Henry Hammond at his Silver Bluff, Cathwood, Cowden and Redcliffe Plantations from 1831-1865, please contact Alane Roundtree at elmoreroundtree@aol.com


Research Leads and Plantation Records


  • See Silver Bluff Planation


Miscellaneous Information


  • none





Users Researching This Workplace


Alane Roundtree has been researching the family histories and genealogies of the Silver Bluff Slave Community of South Carolina and their descendants since 1997. This research includes the individuals and families who were enslaved at the Cowden Plantation settlement. Please contact her at elmoreroundtree@aol.com



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