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Bellevue Plantation

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Tallahassee, Leon Co., FL


Date Constructed/ Founded

not determined


Associated Surnames



Historical notes



Associated Slave Workplaces

Lipona Plantation (Jefferson Co., FL)

Associated Free Persons


  • Catherine Willis Gray Murat (1803-1867) - plantation owner; purchased Bellevue Plantation in 1854; inherited Lipona Plantation from Prince A. Murat in 1847
  • Atchison Gray - first husband of Catherine Willis
  • Prince Achille Murat (1801-1854) - second husband of Catherine Willis Gray (m. 1826); nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte

Associated Enslaved Persons


  • none recorded yet

Research Leads and Plantation Records

*none reported yet

Miscellaneous Information


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Users Researching This Workplace


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