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Auburn Plantation

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Natchez, Adams Co., MS


Date Constructed/ Founded

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Associated Surnames



Historical notes

Auburn was the Mississippi home of Dr. Stephen Duncan, said to be the wealthiest planter in the antebellum South. He also owned a Summer home in New York. Stephen Duncan owned several Issaquena Co. plantations including Attakapas Plantation, Camperdown Plantation, Carlisle Plantation, Duncan Plantation, Duncannon Plantation, Duncansby Plantation, Ellisle Plantation, Homochitto Plantation, L'Argent Plantation, Middlesex Plantation, Oakley Plantation, Rescue Plantation and Reserve Plantation. He also owned Sargossa Plantation in Adams Co., MS.


Associated Slave Workplaces

See historical notes

Associated Free Persons


  • Dr. Stephen Duncan - owner

Associated Enslaved Persons

1860 Federal Slave Schedule, Stephen Duncan

From 1860 Federal Slave Schedule, Issaquena Co., MS

  • DUNCAN, Stephen, RITCH, O. H. T., 174 slaves, page 420B
  • DUNCAN, Stephen, FURLOW, Thos. W., 154 slaves, page 422B
  • DUNCAN, Stephen, HEARD, Stephen C., 132 slaves, page 423B
  • DUNCAN, Stephen, ROWE, Wm. J., 126 slaves, page 424
  • DUNCAN, Stephen, GARRET, Jacob, 147 slaves, page 421B
  • DUNCAN, Stephen, LEMAY, S. T., 125 slaves, page 426

Research Leads and Plantation Records

Duncan, Stephen, 1787-1867. Family papers, 1817-1877.

158 items, 2 ms. vols. Location: S:120. Planter and banker of Natchez. Duncan plantations included L'Argent, Auburn, Camperdown, Carlisle, Duncan, Duncannon, Duncansby, Ellisle, Homochitto, Middlesex, Oakley, Rescue, Reserve, and Attakapas...Papers include legal documents, bills, and receipts. A daybook includes lists of slaves present at Homochitto Plantation. Manuscript Resources on the History of Music, Drama, and Other Performing Arts in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections Hill Memorial Library, LSU http://www.lib.lsu.edu/special/guides/perfarts.html

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