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Argyle Plantation

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Tensas Pa., LA. The following link shows David Hunt as having 139 slaves on Argyle in Tensas Parish in 1860. http://www.loc.gov/resource/g4013t.la000264/ . The plantation was on what is now Highway 566 where it abruptly turns south at its intersection with highway 571.  It was on both sides of highway 566 as it goes south.  Boundaries of this plantation were probably WaterBule Bayou on the north, Green Bayou on the east and Tensas Bayou on the south.  It was in parts of sections 29, 30, 31 and 32.


Date Constructed/ Founded

The land was purchased by Abijah Hunt prior to his 1811 death.  His nephew David Hunt, who inherited a lot of Abijah's estate had Argyle Plantation on this land.


Associated Surnames

  • Abijah Hunt
  • David Hunt
  • Probably went to David's grandchildren by his son Abijah (who died before David and before the Civil War).  I think it was held in a trust for them in 1860. 


Historical notes


By 1860 this plantation had been put into a trust for four of David Hunt's grandchildren by his then deceased son Abijah (named after David's Uncle Abijah). They were being raised by their mother and step father, Edgar Wood, on Calviton Plantation in Jefferson Co. MS which adjoined David Hunt's Woodlawn Plantation MS.


This plantation was not a residence for any of the Hunt family before the Civil War (Dunbar Hunt, "Sketch of David Hunt," "The Fayette Chronicle," 29 May 1908, VOL XLI. No35). It would have been operated for David Hunt and later for David's son Abijah's children by a plantation manager who lived on the plantation.


Associated Slave Workplaces

Belle Ella Plantation ,  Hole In The Wall Plantation, Arcola Plantation, see David Hunt's Woodlawn Plantation MS

Associated Free Persons

  • David Hunt - owner
  • Abijah Hunt (David's son - not his Uncle)


  • In 1860 this plantation was held in a trust by David Hunt for his four grandchildren, listed below, by his then deceased son Abijah.
  • Thomas W. Hunt, born in 1842, married Jeanette D. January.
  • Ann Hunt, born in 1844.
  • Mary Floyd Hunt born 1 Feb 1845 married William Dougald Torrey.
  • Ella Agnes Hunt born 1846 married Field F. Montgomery.


Associated Enslaved Persons


Research Leads and Plantation Records

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Miscellaneous Information

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